Server bringing food to a table to be cut in front of them

Catering for Special Events

We specialize in catering to upscale events. When you want your guests to have the highest quality food, professional servers and service that will be sure to amaze – you want Copacabana Grill!

Team in front of grill at outdoor wedding
Food laid out on a high class table setting
Meat and Veggies on Cutting Board
Catering services laid out stainless steel containers

Meals brought to you in the comfort of your Colorado home

Brazilian Steakhouse Quality Meals

What could be better than treating your guests to authentic Brazilian churrasco prepared by experienced Brazilian chefs in a setting with which you’re entirely comfortable? That’s what we thought, too. And so Copacabana Grill Catering was founded with one simple concept in mind. Let us bring the same restaurant quality Brazilian barbecue you enjoy at a location of your chosing and for a fraction of the price!


Copacabana Grill Catering goes above and beyound for our guests. We will bring grass fed beef for special requests and all organic menus as well , we can accomodate the service with buffet style or Gaucho Meat Servers, we can cook on your own grill or we can even just sell you the meat and you can do it yourself! Our main focus is to make everyone CGC customers and grow our ideas as demand increases.

Join us for the New Brazilian Barbeque Experience, we will WOW your celebration!

Buffet Style

Let your guests have the flexibility to choose the parts of the meal that they would best enjoy!

Gaucho Style

Our Gaucho servers bring the meat and cut it right in front of you to add a touch of luxury.

Cocktail Style

For events where you want to provide a high class appetizer instead of a full meal.