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Q. What is included in the contract price for catering?

A. Copacabana Grill offers a choice of two basic menus: Gaucho Package and Gaucho Premium Package. We also have other delivery and backyard BBQ options available. Please check our attached PDF file listed in “Our Menu” page for more information. These two basic packages do not include plates or any personal serving utensils, which we can accommodate upon request. All prices are per person; sales tax and administrative fees are additional. Gratuity is included in the price on parties over 15 people.


Q. Can the host make substitutions to the menu?

A. In order to keep pricing affordable, Copacabana Grill Catering needs to keep the menu consistent. If you need a little flexibility our packages and a la carte provide lots of options to fix up your barbecue menu.


Q. Is there any special pricing for children?

A. Copacabana Grill Catering does not have kids pricing but our counting is 3 kids per 1 adult.


Q. Are there any additional charges?

A. In addition to the basics, you may wish to choose to add our sides, meats, or set up a bar. If your event requires more than two hours around the clock, there is an additional charge. Sales tax, gratuity and miles are extra.


Q. Can Copacabana Grill handle other aspects of the event?

A. By special arrangement, Copacabana can help with rentals, linens, props, entertainment, ordering of your liquor, bar setups and barkeeps.


Q. How long is the serving time?

A. Two hours of service usually. We offer extra services as coffee station, table bussing and clean up by special request.


Q. When does Copacabana arrive?

A. About an hour to an hour in a half before serving time the team will arrive and start the set up. We will unload the equipment, set-up the serving area, fire up the grill and begin to cook the meats.


Q. How can I have Gauchos serving my guests?

A. We calculate an average of 25 people per Gaucho in order to carve the meats onto your guest’s plates. Each Gaucho is an additional $150 to come and do the entertainment.


Q. When is the final count required?

A. No decreases can be made after 72 hours prior to your event. If the final guest count increases after this time, the client will be charged 1-1/2 times the food and presentation cost for those additional guests.


Q. How do we book Copacabana Grill Catering?

A. A non-refundable 25% deposit is required to secure the date. A 50% deposit is required at least three weeks before the event. With the following balance due by the date of your event.


Q. What do we do if we need to cancel?

A. We refund all but $200 of your deposit if the cancellation is made at least 15 days before the event date, 50% within 7 days and no refund if cancelled 3 days before the event.


Q. What happens to the leftovers?

A. Surplus food will be left at your location. If not, we will return the leftovers to our facility and dispose it.


Q. Can we use our own Barkeep?

A. Yes, if you provide your own bar setups and tables, or make special arrangements with your event coordinator for bar setups, you are welcome to use your own.

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